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Type 3 Diabetes..

Type 3 Diabetes., it is a scary thought, but scientists have already coined this term for us.

You might have only heard of 1 and 2, but now, type 3 is the name given to Alzheimer’s Disease and insulin resistance. Read here about how Alzheimer’s disease might come about.

The University of Pennsylvania’s study, shows that insulin resistance occurs, indicating that Alzheimer’s could develop without a significant amount of hyperglycemia (increased blood sugar). Which means to stay, that instead of having insulin resistance in the muscle, and body we can develop insulin resistance in the brain as well. If oxidation of glucose occurs in the brain, it will result in there being not enough glucose in the brain for the brain to function. This leads to cognitive degeneration, what we see as the symptoms presenting in Alzheimers disease.


So how can we prevent Alzheimer’s disease? A lot of it is genetics. But some of it is environmental as well. So far as possible, you can help your body by :

1. Eating the right foods – eat nutrient dense foods. Eat the right carbohydrates – complex carbs and not refined sugars.  Eat more fruits and sweet potatoes.

2. Reduce Stress – daily meditation, yoga and exercise. Exercise increases insulin sensitivity and helps us recover from the stress response. Exercise reduces cortisol.

3. Reduce environmental toxins – Filter and boil your water. Use natural cleaning products and mosquito repellant at home. Again eat nutrient dense foods as they help filter environmental toxins, and mop up to free radicals.

4. Improve GUT health – take probiotics, eat more yogurt. Our gut keeps infections at bay. If our gut is compromised, in the long run, inflammation occurs. And this if not addressed can lead to DNA damage. So do take care of your GI tract and eat the right, nutrient dense foods always. Eat more fruits and vegetables (eat the colors of the rainbow), and definitely throw away junk food asap, if you have not done so already.




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