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Favourite Abs Workout with Dumbells

And it goes.. something like this!


Russian twists – 3×20

Take a pair of dumbbells (as heavy as you can go) in a double grip and sit down on the floor while keeping the knees bent at a 90 degree angle and feet off the floor for added difficulty. Set yourself back so that the abs are fully engaged. Perform twists with the dumbbell to each side. Balancing on your glutes adds difficulty but fires up the core more, to keep stable.

One arm dumbbell otis-ups – 3×20 each side

Go has heavy as you can, with weight in one hand at a time. You go up one hand at a time, shifting weight and focusing on one side, adding work for the obliques. Try to keep your hips square with the floor when you go up. Don’t swing from side to side. To perform, take a dumbbell and hold it up at the top in a kind of bench press position. Then proceed to sit up by flexing your spine and contracting the abs.

Dumbbell pullover crunches – 3×20
Lay flat to the floor, dumbbells in hand overhead. Crunch inwards to meet your legs and hands, lifting your shoulders off the floor. This works the triceps too

Weighted crunches – till muscle failure

Hug the weights (plate is better for this) to your chest. Do a complete sit up, activating your abs in the pull up. For added difficulty, go down slowly instead of letting you body drop back to the floor with a thud. Do this till muscle failure.




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