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Palo Santo.. Sacred wood

I found a new love this February, and it’s called, Palo Santo!

I’ve also been a bit of a cardio junkie, whose been trying to calm down and incorporate more yoga in her life with much success, but more about that in another post.


Back to Palo Santo. It has got a sweet yet woody fragrance, and it goes will with combinations that are citrus, woody and green-leafy scents. Palo santo (Bursera graveolens) comes from the same botanical family as Frankincense, although it is found in South America rather than the Middle East. Like Frankincense, Palo Santo is known as a spiritual oil, traditionally used by the Incas to purify and cleanse the spirit from negative energies. Even its Spanish name reflects how highly this oil is regarded… Palo santo means holy wood or sacred wood.

How I like to use Palo Santo… 

Grounding blend used during Yoga and meditation…

3 drops Palo Santo
3 drops Patchouli
4 drops Bergamot
3 drops Cedarwood

Calming Blend used post exercise, especially evening stretching/foam rolling and unwinding before bed.. 

3 drops Palo Santo
4 drops Lavender
2 drops Orange

By reducing ultra long distance running, and concentrating more on core strength, muscle/weights training, and adding yoga to the mix, I can feel myself getting stronger emotionally as well as physically. What are your goals this 2018? What are you doing differently this year that will bring you closer to your fitness goals? Please leave a comment and share it with me.. would love to hear from you!

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