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Cleanse & Detox post Holiday fun!

What are the ways, in which you detox your body?

Do you detox at all?

We just had an incredible holiday period of feasting and drinking over Christmas, so of course I for one, am feeling the aftermath of it. Dull skin, sore back and fingers, parched tongue… not great signs at all.

A Spring cleaning was in order. And fast!

And one of the fastest ways to flush out toxins is to drink more water. Exercising can also help increase your circulation and release endorphins, which act as positive mood boosters. Along with breathing, sweating and water, you may also add, natural cleansers to support the detoxification process.


Here are some of my favourite ways, to detoxify my body :


Exercising is so important to get the sweat glands going. Any form of exercise will do from walking briskly to running or swimming so long as you’re moving


2. Go for a Spa

All these following mechanical actions help the detox process – Hot/Cold showers, alternating will improve circulation, Lymphatic massages, Heat Massages and Essential Oil Massage help break up lactic acid and reduce soreness in the muscles.

3. Take JuvaCleanse

I love this product! It’s a most natural way to assist the body’s natural cleansing functions – JuvaCleanse essential oil blends help support the body’s digestive system. It contains Helichrysum Essential Oil – provides excellent support to the skin, liver, and nervous system; Ledum Essential Oil, also known as Labrador Tea or Marsh Tea  – great for detox support and finally, Celery Seed Essential Oil – supports healthy digestive system.

Here’s 2 of my favourite recipes for detox with Juva Cleanse

A. Lemon-Cayenne based Detox

½ fresh squeezed lemon
250ml of water
1–2 tablespoons of organic maple syrup
A pinch of cayenne pepper
Mix with 2 drops Juva Cleanse, 2 drops Lemon  (repeat this every morning for 7 days)



B. Fruit Detox

6-7 fresh organic strawberries,
6 stalks of freshly sliced carrot
6 stalks of freshly sliced celery
1/3 freshly sliced white radish
1-2 tablespoonfuls of organic raw rainforest honey
Puree all ingredients in a blender add, 2 drops Juva Cleanse, 2 drops lemon (repeat this every morning for 7 days)


Note you need the sweetness of the fruits or the maple syrup to mask the taste of Juva Cleanse – it’s not the most palatable of EO’s but the benefits are great. So mask the flavour behind the yummy!


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