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5 Ways to Jump Start Your Metabolism !

How to boost your metabolism in 5 easy steps…

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1. Jump start your Metabolism

Instead of a steady walk on the treadmill, try burpees, boxing, jump rope to kick start your workout. You’ll burn fat more efficiently this way. In a short time, these simple but explosive old-school moves activate your upper-and lower-body muscles and quickly raise your heart rate and body temperature to prime you for your workout.

2. Add a high tempo Playlist

Let’s face it .. music moves us.. and moves our bodies! Go for tempo of 125 to 140 beats per minute – if you like Rock, then pick rock genres and if you like EDM, then by all means download sick electronic tracks. Spotify is my addiction – never leave home without it!

3. Keep things Wobbly!

Using an unstable surface makes you work harder by engaging your core. Do upper-body strength training—biceps curls, overhead presses on an unstable surface, such as a BOSU ball -your core is forced to stabilize yourself and keep you from falling.

4. Go for Functional rather than Mechanical

Doing repetitive weight reps is fine, but our bodies were made to adapt to real life situations – agility, strength and speed should be trained over a simple obstacle course, or circuit of Kettle bells, TRX, Rowing, Battle rope, Medicine ball, Jumpbox, Clean & Press, Burpees, Push ups, done back to back in explosive sets. This sort of functional body conditioning actually elevates your heart-rate through the roof, burns more fat and builds not just weird chunky muscle, but functional muscles – i.e. muscles that can support your body weight and are useful. You don’t look like an oversized hulk with big upper body and skinny legs, which is really not what you should be aiming at at all. It also works all body parts and increases agility & strength. Read the post here.

5. Don’t just be a Cardio Bunny

Trade one of your weekly cardio workouts for a strength-training session to see more waist-whittling results. In a study, those who pumped iron dropped more fat, than the cardio group that lost 20% less fat and in fact, lost 8 percent muscle! Not a good deal if you ask me. Why this matters: Muscle incinerates calories even when you’re not working out. If you replace 10 pounds of fat with 10 pounds of lean muscle, you’ll burn an extra 25 to 50 calories a day even when you are sitting at your desk!  *WIN* !

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