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Smashed at Smashwave!

My latest addiction in the gym, is something called Smashwave.


This workout builds core and strength with cardio and agility thrown in. Unrelenting circuits of Rowing, Battle rope, TRX, Medicine ball, Jumpbox, Clean & Press, the dreaded Burpees and push ups, done back to back in explosive sets.


It starts with an anchor rower – Either a female or a male rows for say, 300M and the rest will be at their stations. For as long as the person is rowing, you cannot stop doing your jumps or push ups or battle rope until the anchor person finishes their 300M row. The longer they take, the more tired you will become, but the reverse is, the faster the rower, the quicker you will finish your station. Once the person is done rowing, everyone moves down the line to the next station and repeat.

It’s great fun! Just 40 minutes (3 circuits) of Smashwave, is enough to elevate your heart-rate through the roof. This exercise burns fat and builds muscle. It also works all body parts and increases agility & strength. It supplements my running rather well. Highly recommended!




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