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Preparing for Tokyo Marathon 2015

Preparing for the Tokyo Marathon 2015, has not been without sweat and tears. Kuala Lumpur is just so hot, that waking up at 5am to train has become part of our psyche. We hardly have the luxury of sleep around here. And not having a lot of routes to run (as compared with say Berlin or Australia) is just so mentally challenging too.


As the final 3 weeks of taper start, I look back and while I am not particularly elated (could have trained harder), I would say that I am satisfied with the results..

Here’s how I trained :

1. Ran around six, 800 meter intervals every week and keep the rest intervals short. Sometimes I ran this outdoors and sometimes I ran on a treadmill at a 2% incline.

2. Added hill work by running Kiara Hill once a week. Having great running/training buddies help.. and I am grateful that I had not one.. but TWO!


3. Did my tempo runs at 10 min warm up, 30 min tempo and 10 min cool down. If I had more time I would have held my tempo for longer, but I really ran out of training days, and sometimes fatigue was my worst enemy.


4. Instead of increasing my running mileage too much and risk injury, I incorporated strength training, rowing and crossfit to my routine.

5. Did my long run on the weekend – at least Four 30-33KM runs.

6. Did a lot of stretching and had a sports massage, at least once every two weeks.


All set! KL is coming to Tokyo… Let’s do this! 🙂

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