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Review Adidas pureBOOST X

Ahhh so how do I like my new Adidas pureBOOST X? If you are an avid runner, (especially if you are a woman, and always waiting for the next great thing in running shoes), you will know that while there are companies that make their women’s shoes, specifically to the foot-shaped model of women, they […]

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Benefits of HIIT Training

Holidays are really fun. Great food.. great scenery.. but sometimes not so great for the diet. I hate the way 3 months of hard work in the gym, can be destroyed in just 3 days, don’t you? Anyway, I like my HIIT bits of workout when on holiday. It’s easy to find a place to […]

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Preparing for Tokyo Marathon 2015

Preparing for the Tokyo Marathon 2015, has not been without sweat and tears. Kuala Lumpur is just so hot, that waking up at 5am to train has become part of our psyche. We hardly have the luxury of sleep around here. And not having a lot of routes to run (as compared with say Berlin […]

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Run Singapore

We were fortunate enough to be invited to Singapore by Singapore Tourism Board (STB), for the Epicurean Market by Marina Bay Sands, just last week. And of course, eventhough our schedule was tight, we managed to squeeze in a run or two! One of the great places to run whilst staying at Marina Bay Sands, […]

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finding a good running group helps!

How to Run 21KM in 4 weeks

Folks ask me how on earth I run 21KM every Sunday.  If you think about at it, the milage looks like a lot, but if you break it down, it’s really not that far. If you have been a casual runner, and want to up your game ( and run) then you might want to […]

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