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8 Things Any Pregnant Runner Would Understand

Here are 8 Things Any Pregnant Runner Would Understand!


1. “I’m not fat, I’m pregnant!”

This was me.. during my first trimester. I wanted to shout it out to every passing stranger. One of those t-shirts that proclaim “running for TWO” would have sufficed too! Anyway, don’t feel bad or feel judged – actually nobody even noticed I was pregnant till my final trimester.. so it was all in my head, really.

2. Stop telling me what to do.

“You’re what?? and you’re still running are you MAD?” This really used to piss me off, but then I realized that chilling the hell out and explaining the merits of running for mum and bubs was actually more educational for the ignorant people around me. HAH! At least now they know my baby (and I ) will have a strong heart and I’m not in the business of churning out obese, sluggish kids either.

3. Where’s the loo?

With the passing months, the growing baby will press on your bladder more and more, as has such, you will usually have every bathroom stop mapped out before you start your run. Sometimes even a hidden bush will do, with hubby sheilding your naked butt from the world.. that’s how desperate it gets! LOL

4. Good Days, Bad Days.
Some days you feel like you’re running pre baby.. slick, light-footed and fast. This happens usually in the 2nd trimester. Some days, you just feel like a ton of bricks is tied to your stomach, and then some. Don’t worry, as I always say, snail pace is better than zero pace!

5. Mysterious shrinking shorts
One day they are fine. The next day they have suddenly turned into body clinging hot pants.The same goes for when your running Tee’s become midriffs. And let’s not even get started on the whole sports bra struggle..

6. Water vs. Beer
Some folks ask me .. how on EARTH did you give up booze. But I tell ya, I didn’t miss it. Booze made me feel sluggish, and nauseated. Not like the lovely high it used to have. So, when your running group and training buddies go out to celebrate their hard earned miles with an ice cold beer—and you’ll just have water, thanks!

7. Good lord, that ugly, flesh-colored Pregnancy Belt
This does wonders for any pregnant runner – less bounce and less discomfort. Sorry it’s not exactly haute couture, but, let the belt work its magic, and you just keep on running!

8. Can it get any slower than Snail Pace?
But hey, you’re out there running, right? That is really all that matters. And you’re running until your runs turn to run/walks. Or just walks. But seriously, no shame in that because at least you’re staying healthy. I plan to jog-walk and swim right up till delivery date, God willing!

And these, my friend are the 8 Things Any Pregnant Runner Would Understand… ! 

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  1. Christine July 15, 2016 at 11:24 pm #

    Looking great babe!
    Safe delivery! <3

    • ciki July 18, 2016 at 3:07 pm #

      Thanks babe!!

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