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Indoor Rowing – a fab workout!

Right first of all, you need to have your cross trainers on.. but my shoes got wet last night, in a tropical flash flood sort of rain, so you catch my drift. Plus I wasn’t going to let wet shoes stand in the way of me getting a workout. Indoors no less, and no thanks to the rain.


With rowing, you get a total body work out – and it is low impact. So sometimes, this can be way more beneficial than just running or cycling. For a real challenge, try increasing the resistance. This is one of the most all rounded cardio exercises that works the legs, glutes, back, shoulders and arms. There is also resistance involved as you pull on the rower, so it’s a bit of both cardio and resistance training.

How to Row?
Do not rock your body nor the chain. Sit up right, lean forward and pull back in one fluid movement. Sit up straight, with our shoulders back and core engaged, then as you straighten out your legs and lean back to about 75 degrees, you should pull hard on the handles and bring it to your chest (at this point you will feel the chain resist), squeezing your shoulder blades back. Then you straighten out your arms and lean forward to about 105 degrees before you bend your legs again. Repeat.

I like this one, that we do as part of circuit training. Interval rowing, and your team does not get to stop doing their burpees till you finish your mileage. This is really just like spiriting on the treadmill. Ladies get to “sprint” row for about 215 meters, then slow down for 50m, then sprint again and repeat. As you get stronger you can increase it to 500m sprints and 200m rests. This really is just like doing sprints on the treadmill.



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