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10 Tips on How I Avoid Running Injuries

I do love running!

It gives me such a sense of freedom and I get really high after the run. Blame it on the endorphines.

Well, running does come with some setbacks too, especially if you get injured. Here are my tips on how not to get injured and to maximised your efficiency on the road..



How do I avoid running injuries?

1. I spend a small amount of time spent stretching after each run.

2. I add core stability and conditioning work, focusing on my personal weaknesses.

3. I have periodic massages and physio checks to work on any tight areas that could cause a problem.

4. I watch my nutrition and hydration, which helps my body to recover faster.

5. I listen to my body when I feel an injury coming on.

6. I don’t push on regardless of pain.

7. If I get an injury I rest immediately and seek my physio’s advice about the best action to take.

8. I pay attention to one particular muscle group which is my glutes. This large set of muscles plays a huge role in stabilising each stride you take. They reduce rotation in the pelvic and hip area and assist in lower limb stability. I do the one-leg squat exercise to strengthen the glutes – any overpronation will be reduced and I am less likely to suffer from the common running injuries that occur due to other muscles working in the wrong way.

9. I don’t run in shoes that are overbuilt or have extensive motion control gimmicks built into them.

10. I try to perfect my running gait. I avoid landing on my heel and rolling to my toe. I shorten my stride and land midfoot with quicker foot turnover. Studies show that heel-to-toe rolling leads to overuse injuries.

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2 Responses to 10 Tips on How I Avoid Running Injuries

  1. missyblurkit January 22, 2013 at 6:54 pm #

    Love the tips! Will take note on Tip 10. THANX!!!

    • ciki January 22, 2013 at 9:41 pm #

      Awesome! How’s your running going? 😀

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