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Hard Core, Hard Abs For Better Performance !

If you are already an active person, a strong core will help you up your game that much more.

Training your core to keep optimal body alignment for whatever you’re doing (swim, bike or run), will in turn  reduce your fatigue long after the fittest have fallen by the wayside.


Strengthening your core will allow your body to efficiently transfer force from the lower to the upper body and back again and this will ensure that any force you exert to move your body forward isn’t wasted. Even if you do a sport with a lot of lateral movement, say touch rugby, or basketball, a strong core will always minimise your fatigue and keep you “on the ball” once more.

One more thing, the “core” is not the abs alone! I was surprised to learn that it also involves to a huge extent, upper/lower back muscles, glutes & obliques too. Imagine your entire middle trunk in 3D and you will get what I mean.

As with all things worthwhile you should train your core often. For me, it goes hand in hand with any cardio session (i.e. almost 5X per week), Do it at the end of your workout. You will start to see results within a month.

So, make Hard Core, Hard Abs For Better Performance, your motto this week. You won’t regret it.

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