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Decline push-ups Rock!

Decline push-ups up are a step harder from standard method because you need to elevate your feet. The incline adds weight, and thus intensity, at the bottom of your movement—the toughest part of the push-up. This move requires no additional equipment other than a bench or a step. While the decline pushup mainly targets muscles in your chest, it brings in nearly half a dozen other muscles for assistance and stabilization.


Starting Position

Stand with your back toward a flat bench which is firmly bolted to the floor. Note: Do not do this exercise using a moveable piece of furniture. Place your hands flat on the floor with arms extended and put your feet up behind you on the bench, so that you are in a plank position with your feet elevated. Your weight should be on your toes and hands, and your shoulders directly over your hands; keep your center engaged to maintain a flat back.


1. From the starting position, do a standard push-up, bending your elbows to lower your chest to the floor while keeping your back flat and a straight line from the top of your head to your feet. At the bottom of your push-up, your feet will be significantly higher than your head—so as you lower your chest, resist gravity by maintaining a continuous pace.

2. Once your chest is just a couple of inches from the floor, press back up to the starting position, using a single, smooth movement.

No pain no gain.. so enjoy!

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