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Beach Body Baby Workout!

Here’s how to get a beach body a mere 8 months postpartum.

Babies are the best “free” weights you will ever find when it comes to working out!

At the beach, it’s really the most fun workout ever you can have with bubs. Work up a sweat then jump into the sea to cool off;)


Of course, the heavier the baby the harder the workout for the mum. And even sleep-deprived parents will find this a relaxing way to squeeze in a workout no matter the time of day. Never see your baby as a potential obstacle to your fitness routine – always look for ways to integrate your child into a full-body workout..

Here’s some simple ways to get your heart pumping :

Standing shoulder press

Wow, didn’t know you could use your baby as a bar bell so easily! LOL

Start by holding baby around chest high. Make sure you grip her firmly but not too tightly across the chest, under her shoulders so she is supported well.
Slightly bend the knees and lift baby to your collar-bone. Then lift baby up over your head. Hold from 5 seconds, before lowering her to collarbone level, then back to chest level.
As you lower bubs to your collarbone slowly inhale.
As you lift her back up to the starting position, exhale.
Repeat for three sets of 20 !


Stand with your baby in a front of you, feet just past your shoulders, toes turned out slightly. Inhale and lower your body down to sit in an imaginary chair, weight over heels, navel pulled in, tailbone pointed to floor. Exhale and return to start. Aim for three sets of 16, or 20 if you really want to feel the burn! My baby is almost 10KGs now.. man it burns! haha


Put your baby on the sand and face her, with your left foot back about three feet and your hands on your waist. Then bend both legs until your right thigh is parallel to the ground, making sure your right knee stays in line with your ankle. Blow a kiss to your baby, every time you dip into a lunge, then slowly return to standing, pushing through your right heel. Aim for three sets of 20 on each side.


Before you know it, you’ve worked out for a good half hour and baby is happy because you’ve maintained eye contact and kept her involved the entire time. Well done mum.. and well done bubs! 

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