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Just SquEEEzeMeBaby!

One of the best things I discovered this year for Luca, is SqueeezeMeBaby (SMB).

For busy mothers with infants who are entering 6 month of age and upwards, and about to experiment with semi-solids, SMB is fantastic.


The SMB concept is all about getting superfoods, into tiny pouches for the benefit of your growing baby’s nutrition. Fruits rich in antioxidants, vegetables and grain are the main ingredients which are freshly squeezed daily and packed into convenient squeeze packs. They use Beaba blenders to ensure most of the fibre is pureed down to a digestible state even for 6 month olds.


SMB fruit and vegetables are wholly imported, freshly packed on the spot, contain no preservatives nor sugar and the pouches are 100% certified BPA free.


Folks ask me, how do you ensure the freshness of frozen pouches? Well, it’s pretty much like breast milk really. We freeze those too right? All it is is, the fruits are pureed fresh on the spot. The pouches need to be finished in 24 hours, so half a bag for breakfast and half for lunch works fine. Pouches if you buy in bulk, can be frozen (just like breast milk) and is good for 1 plus months. If you thaw a pouch, you should finish it within the day (just like breast milk too). You never ever heat the pouches directly. Again, just like breast milk, you should use a hot water bath to ensure all the nutrition stays intact and heat does not denature anything.


I’ve travelled to nearby locations for staycations, and I bring these packs with me. When you are unsure if a hotel can manage to get the nurition to your baby, you should just consider bringing your own. Much easier!


Oh, and by the way, the flavours are just insane. Insanely delicious I mean. Sometimes I end up finishing Luca’s pouches only too gladly! Luca’s favourites to date are, the Monday Blues (Blueberries, Banana, Pear) and the Cauliflower Papaya. The best thing is that the permutations are endless. So the goodness is endless too.


Mum’s you really need to try this!

Lot S211A, 2nd Floor (Link Bridge),
1 Utama Shopping Centre.
Tel: 03-7627 1022

and, Great Eastern Mall, Lot 5, LG Floor.

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