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Absolutely Abs!

If you are the sort who finds the six-pack tiringly illusive, join the club.

One of the hardest things to come into being, are Abs.


A couple of heavy meals (God knows I eat a lot #foodblogger) and it’s all gone to the dogs.

Well abs they say, are made in the kitchen, this is true. But you also need to do a ton of workout alongside this.

Crunches are OK, but this concentrates on upper abs more than anything. Exercises with more range of motion – such leg raises while hanging from a bar will engage your middle & lower abdominals. But most of the time you should be creative with your Ab workouts, and keep your body guessing, in order to reach those all-important lower abs.

Here’s a great one for your lower abs, but the key to it is not swinging or using any momentum.. and do it till muscle failure. Now don’t cheat – absolutely no swinging! The starting point should be the same for each rep and allow your lower body to hang down completely before raising your legs again.

After 3 sets of 20reps. You can try a variation – legs out at 90-degrees.

Good luck and enjoy the burn!

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