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Absolutely Abs!

If you are the sort who finds the six-pack tiringly illusive, join the club. One of the hardest things to come into being, are Abs. A couple of heavy meals (God knows I eat a lot #foodblogger) and it’s all gone to the dogs. Well abs they say, are made in the kitchen, this is […]

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Working out on Holiday with a Fitness Buddy

One of the best things about finding a friend to work out with while on holiday. is that you get to motivate each other to keep burning those calories from eating on vacation!   Try these simple exercises after 40 minute cardio for maximum results! My absolute favourite are the jumping switch mountain climbers (first […]

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Burn that pasta Belly!

I am in Italy on Holiday.. in the region of Emilia Romagna. Really the best place for any foodie on earth. Unfortunately this also means a whole load of carbo loading, and that’s why I really need to run and work out on holiday. I like to call this one the “Burn that Pasta Belly” […]

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