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5 Ways to Keep Your Metabolism High while Traveling

Travels are on the cards one again, and with it comes a lot of eating!


Here are 5 Ways to Keep Your Metabolism High while Traveling… 

1. Swim

If a gym is not available, just swim. It’s just as effective as running and it actually give your body a chance to heal and to do something different from just running or biking.


Swimming is a full body workout as the water resistance adds some intensity to the work out, though it hardly feels like it!

2. Skip Rope 

Check my post here.

3. HIIT 

On holiday, you usually want to take off and explore the new location, so short, intense workouts are preferable rather than long long sessions. HIIT workouts also require less space – you can do it in the hotel room even. HIIIT – in just 20 minutes try :

15 push ups

10 explosive lunge jumps

1 minute intense skip rope

20 mountain climbers

20 sumo squats

Repeat 3X


4. Eat Smart

Try starting your meals with salads or loads of veggies. Opt for complex carbs and meats such as fish or chicken if possible as opposed to red meats. Add fruits and nuts to the occasion as these keep you fuller for longer thanks to fiber and high water content. Drink water – stay away from processed carbs and fizzy drinks.


5. Stretch before sleep

In the evenings after dinner, go for a long walk. And finally before sleeping try foam rolling or stretching – it helps you unwind and prepares your body for the new day!



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