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5 Steps towards a Bikini Body, 12 months postpartum

Nobody said it would be easy.

But it can be done.

9 months of ‘core separation’, I like to call it (where your stomach muscles literally part to make way for your growing belly) and when your back starts to ache from carrying your 10KG baby, it’s probably because your abdominal muscles aren’t pulling their weight nor giving you support.

So here are 5 ways to get back into shape and have a bikini ready body within 12 months postpartum.


1. Exercise Whilst Pregnant

This one is becoming more common these days, as women realize that sitting around while pregnant isn’t going to help them any. Even if you are not a hardcore exerciser, just walking for 1 hour daily while pregnant can do wonders. I actually ran throughout my pregnancy once I got the green light from my doctor. Body weight exercises are enough during the 9 months. It really helps your bounce back into shape quickly.

2. Start Early

After delivery, once you get the green light from your Dr, start immediately with walking, jogging, weights etc. Go light, then increase intensity as you get stronger.

3. Lift Heavy

Around 6 months postpartum I ran my comeback marathon! And around that time I started to lift heavy weights. This is the only way to sculpt your body, otherwise you’ll just end up, a “skinny fat” person. ie. skinny with no muscle tone.


4. Eat Clean

No brainer. Mind your macros and micros. Eat well and eat often – a good mix of complex carbs, protein (white meat), vegetables (all the colors!) and fruits. And hydrate as often as you can.

5. Sleep

This is tough for breastfeeding mums, but you can try sleeping when you baby sleeps. At that rate you’d actually get almost 11 hours sleep! (Easier said than done i know!) Sleep helps the body and muscle repair. Have you ever felt bloated and fat when you’re running on less than 6 hours quality sleep? That’s your body retaining water and toxins. Not good. Make sure you get 8 hours sleep with plenty of water throughout the day.

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