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Archive | January, 2013


Natural Remedy for Liver Detox

How do you know, that your body needs a Liver Detox..?  In this busy day and age, stress is a common denominator in everybody’s lives. We all have it. Some to a greater extent than others. And stress, is the precursor of all sorts of harmful physiological changes that can exert its effects on the […]

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5 Carbs To Stay Away From

Good Carbs, Bad Carbs? What’s the difference between eating a white bread egg sandwich and a whole grain tuna sandwich? Or the difference between fish and chips and salad and beans? All the foods above contain carbohydrates but some of the options contain good carbohydrate foods (whole grains and vegetables), and some, not so good. In the […]

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5 Great Cocktails for a Girls Night In

So your man is away , and you and your mates are sick of clubbing. Since you travel so frequently, and your stash of duty free alcohol keeps piling up, why don’t you have a girls night in instead with a movie, and some great cocktails? Let your friends pick the movie.. you can supply […]

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8 Skin Care Tips for Combination Skin

Having lived with combination skin all my life, it’s been challenging finding the right skin care. When you travel a lot, dehydration of the skin can certainly take its toll. Here are my 8 skin care tips, for Combination Skin: 1. Find the Balance Since there is an oily T zone for combination skin, striking […]

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15 Signs You’re Dehydrated

15 Ways to tell, if you are dehydrated..  Have you ever had one of those days where you’ve been so busy running around, you haven’t had time to drink a glass of water? I have. And it is those days where I end up feeling particularly tired and run down, that I realize, I actually […]

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10 Tips on How I Avoid Running Injuries

I do love running! It gives me such a sense of freedom and I get really high after the run. Blame it on the endorphines. Well, running does come with some setbacks too, especially if you get injured. Here are my tips on how not to get injured and to maximised your efficiency on the […]

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Getting Over Jetlag

Is it really that hard getting over Jetlag?  I don’t know about you, but when it comes to Jetlag, I am the opposite of most people. I hear it’s worse for some going East – as you’re waking up late, and seem to be late for everything, than it is going West – where you’re […]

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Meditation.. for health and well being

“THERE’S a whole lot of craziness out there, and I’m just sitting here. Calm.” Does that mean this man facing awful hurdles in life is apathetic? No. He’s simply in a state of equanimity which is this deep calmness you get when faced with truly difficult situations. He meditates, and so does Dirty Harry actor […]

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The Paleo Diet – Good or Rubbish?

My uncle’s practitioner advised him to adopt the Paleo diet to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar. He asked me what I thought, and also if it’s an ideal way to lose weight. It recommends avoiding dairy, sugar, grains and legumes. Is this the answer to most of his health problems? It is a known fact […]

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