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Working out with my SUDIO, Vasa Bla earphones

Don’t you just love the name..?

The first time I read the words “Vasa Bla” I had to suppress a giggle. It really did sound like a good name for earphones though.


First the disclaimer, I was given Vasa Bla earphones, plus a gorgeous wireless Regent white pair of Headphones, to review. 

SUDIO itself, makes these stylish Swedish designed ear & headphones and I must admit, I was well chuffed that they picked me to review them!

If you are looking for a gift these Sudio Vasa Bla are perfect for Christmas. (Bonus : Use my code, CIKIPEDIA to get a further 15% discount). So, my gift arrived in a box that opened up like a book. Everything was very minimal and streamlined. The entire experience of unboxing was pretty ‘orgasmic’ in itself. Seriously.

It arrived with the following components :
Pink Earphones
Charging Cable
Owners Manual
Gold-Plated Wire Clip
4 Different Sizes of Ear Cushions
Guarantee Card
Pink Leather Carrying Case in Matching Colors.

Firstly, the good about the Sudio Vasa Bla – wireless, 8 hours of listening time, light, great choice of color and I fell in love with the rose gold, pink ones immediately. So girly! The quality of the sound was outstanding too. I like minimal techno while running, and the wobbly bass really held their own without cracking. During the weekends I like soothing vocal tracks and the voice and trebles were distinctly clear. It’s comes with a 3-button remote and mic attached right to the ear buds. No complaints on the voice quality of the mic. Compared to the headphones, these earphones were portable and easy to keep in your handbag.

The bad – since I am an avid runner, the wireless earphones tended to bob up and down as I ran, thanks to the bulky batt pack – but I found a way around this, by jamming the earphones deep into my ear canal forming a slight vacuum effect. This prevented the discomfort, somewhat.


As for the Regent, of course it is far superior where sound is concerned. But the trade off is the bulkiness in comparison with in-ear buds. Still, it is actually a lot smaller in size than other headphones on the market. Trust the Swedes to design beautiful minimal-esque yet functional products that’s just oh-so-instagrammable. You can even customize the side caps… and I of course chose the white headphones with marble caps. How gorgeous is that?

The bluetooth (version 4.1) supports quick multi-pairing, so you can use them with your tablet, mobile, TV box etc. There’s a 3.5mm jack cable included for you to plug directly to a player – possibly an option to plug in when the battery is depleted.



The headphones clamp on rather tight and it’s pretty sound proof – my husband was calling my name while I had the Regent on, and I obviously ignored him for a good 20 minutes before I realised he was trying to get my attention (haha).

Some of the top EDM DJs and producers hail from Sweden (eg. Avicii, Eric Prydz, John Dahlback, Axwell..) so these earphone drivers have to keep up with the wide dynamic ranges demanded from electronic music pumped out by its countrymen. I shuffled in drum n bass, grime, trap, dubstep, electro, house, minimal techno, techno – basically nearly every genre of EDM, and we are happy to report the transducers on the Regent didn’t let us down. It is certainly no studio grade cans but it handles sound dynamics well, and delivers bass with some ‘boominess’. Anymore muddling boom and the listening experience will be disconcerting. What’s certainly impressive is the soundstage, band music sound excellent. Vocal and music instrument sounds are distinct though the bass frequencies are a little exaggerated. Dub or Reggae sounds coming from bands like Fat Freddy’s Drop sounded fantastic.


These white babies fold up nicely to be put away, and the battery life is rated to have more than 24 hours of playtime. All in all it really is a well constructed and handsome pair of headphones if I ever saw one. I hope I can keep them from getting too grubby too soon, as they are after-all white, and I am after-all, pretty messy when it comes to traveling with anything lighter than beige in color. Still, they remain pristinely white, a wee while longer.

Use my code, CIKIPEDIA to get a further 15% discount on these Regent beauties as well.

And to all our readers out there, a very Blessed Christmas & New Year to all… Happy Shopping! 





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2 Responses to Working out with my SUDIO, Vasa Bla earphones

  1. cumilebay January 9, 2017 at 1:52 pm #

    Keren keren … batrei nya tahan lama sampai 8 jam

    • ciki January 19, 2017 at 11:02 am #

      not bad right? 😀

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