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How to prevent that dreaded dip in Breast Milk supply…

So it happened.

That terrible dip in breast milk supply.

What was I doing wrong?


Anyway, a quick appraisal of the situation revealed that my menses had just returned, 5 months into breast feeding my infant… ie. this was probably that phenomenon of low milk supply associated with menstruation.

One of the best ways to combat this drop is by adding Calcium Magnesium supplements to your diet.
The drop usually come around ovulation (mid-cycle) time, until you get your menstrual period. And a drop in blood calcium is what causes a drop in milk supply. So by simply adding that Calcium Mg supplement (one a day, every day) to your diet – usually after food, helps restore Breast Milks supply to normal levels once more.  This practice has also been reported to eliminate most uterine cramping and some premenstrual discomfort such as water retention.

The recommended calcium supplement dosage is between 500 mg calcium/250 mg magnesium and 1500 mg calcium/750 mg magnesium (the higher dosage is generally more effective) per dose. Adding zinc can increase the efficacy thanks to increased absorption. Usually the recommendation is 3X per day, after meals. But I find even once per day after lunch or dinner is sufficient to boost milk supply.

Happy to report that the BM supply is up once more! And so we soldier on. Soon, Luca will be on semi-solids since she is approaching the 6 month benchmark. Cannot wait for her to sleep round the clock. Mind you, though I welcome uninterrupted sleep through the night, I will miss our early morning nursing sessions, once they are gone I tell ya. Just can’t win can you? LOL.





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