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5 Ways to Increase Willpower and Lose Weight

Just like muscle, will power can be strengthened so… here’s 5 easy steps to get you closer to your goals of weight loss. 1. MEDITATE or PRAY Practice getting centered, first thing in the morning, by meditating or praying for 10 minutes. If you can go for a half hour, even better. You will be […]

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Working out with the stairs!

Working out with the stairs is a great way for women to lose weight..  Do you know the difference between long distance running and running up the stairs? Well you need bursts of energy to propel you up the stairs, so that in essence is interval training. If you do it fast, you will feel […]

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10 Ways to Get Slimmer, while Multi-tasking

All of us are so busy these days that it is uncommon to find somebody not multitasking. But here’s the thing – using the time to exercise might mean having to spend less time in the gym. Daily chores can be converted into fun and effective exercise to get slimmer, to tone, sculpt and train […]

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10 Ways to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

The best way to stay motivated to exercise is to become a bikini model! (I’m just kidding) OK, for those who do not have the luxury of slim genes, keeping the weight down is a constant struggle. Maybe you’re at a point where being overweight is affecting your health. The doctor tells you, you need […]

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10 Habits that will make you Fat

Why is it that sometimes, the weight does not seem to stay off? You try everything, but still the scale keeps tipping in the wrong direction. If losing weight were easy, no one would be overweight. Unfortunately, the facts are indisputable – A greasy, cheese burger and french fries on the side, is way more […]

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