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10 Ways to Get Slimmer, while Multi-tasking

All of us are so busy these days that it is uncommon to find somebody not multitasking. But here’s the thing – using the time to exercise might mean having to spend less time in the gym. Daily chores can be converted into fun and effective exercise to get slimmer, to tone, sculpt and train the body and core muscles, to produce a fitter you.

Here are our tips on 10 Ways to Get Slimmer, while Multi-tasking:

1. Slim your thighs while you dry your hair

If you hav medium length hair like me, it takes a good 10 minutes to get the hair perfectly dry, so do squats that target your butt and thighs as you dry your hair. Repeat these squats 20 times or for as long as you’re drying your hair. If you get tired, rest for 5 seconds and repeat. You’ll have beautiful hair and nice butt and legs in no time!

2. Tone your calves while you brush your teeth

Brace yourself with a little help from the sink. Stand on one leg, the other resting on your calf. Lift and stand on tip-toes. Repeat 20 times, then change legs. This will tone and shape your calves.

3. Lift your butt while you brush your teeth

Lean forward over the sink. Balance on one leg, extend the other behind you (arabasque position). Lift that leg out straight behind you for as high as you can go. Feel the squeeze on your butt. Hold the squeeze for 3 seconds. Repeat 10 times then change legs.

4. Tone arms, legs, and improve stamina with jumping jacks in front of the TV

Don’t just sit there, get up and do 20 jumping jacks for 3 sets. This improves cardio, gets your heart rate up, burn calories, tones your arms and legs and core.. need we say more?

5. Tone butt with the discrete sit and squeeze

Don’t do this in the elevator as people behind you will notice for sure! Instead, sit and squeeze your glutes in the office chair. You can time this to the way the clock ticks or do it every time you get an email!

6. Tighten triceps during phone calls

In the office, turn every phone call into an opportunity to have sexy triceps! Grab a paper weight, or a mineral water bottle (filled with water) and extend your arm overhead, keeping it close to your ear, and bend it behind your head. Keep the arm at a nice 45 degree angle. Drop and lift the arm above your head. Keep going till muscle burn. Then change arms.

7. Work your Abs any where and every where!

Anytime you are standing or waiting around, imagine there is a string that runs from your belt buckle, through your navel, in to the back of your spine. Now, draw that string in, tightening and pulling inwards, from your buckle, in toward your belly button, towards the spine. Tighten and suck in your core. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat. This isometric exercise is not only good for strengthening core muscles, it makes you stand up straighter and look better too!

8. Tone your chest with counter top push ups

How many time have we stood around waiting for the microwave to “ding” or the water to boil. Well, If you have a counter ready, place your hands, slightly wider than your shoulders on the counter’s edge, and step back a few feet. Drop your butt, so that your body is straight but angled along the counter. Bend your elbows and lower your chest to the counter, but make sure your butt does not lift nor does it sag down. Keep you body straight at all times. Dip and lift , pushing your chest up and away from the counter. Repeat till chest burn, or till you can say, “saved by the microwave” !

9. Get rid of saddlebags while washing up at the sink

This is an easy one, yet nobody thinks to do it! Lift one leg out to the side, with your foot flexed. Pulse 20 times, then lower. Repeat with other leg.

10. Slim your hips and legs with steps

Almost every home has steps. Try these hip slimming, thigh-thinning, glute boosting moves. Stand with feet hip width apart, at the base of the stairs. Place one foot at least 2 – 3 steps above and lunge. Make sure your right knee is directly above your right heel. Do not over extend. Keep the other heel firmly planted on the floor. Return to starting position and repeat for 10. Then change legs.


These are an easy 10 Ways to Get Slimmer, while Multi-tasking. Do you have any exercises you like to do at home? Care to share?


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4 Responses to 10 Ways to Get Slimmer, while Multi-tasking

  1. missyblurkit September 4, 2012 at 1:11 am #

    good tip number 1. Never thought of it!

    and tip 7 for the abs is a super idea. doing it now…mwahaha

    • ciki September 6, 2012 at 2:04 pm #

      right now? show me lah!

  2. Jackie Hutchings September 10, 2012 at 3:18 pm #

    Here’s my top tip….. stand on one leg while you’re taking phone calls! Great for core stability 🙂

    • ciki September 10, 2012 at 3:24 pm #

      LOL thanks Jackie! Love it :)D

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