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An Active holiday in Barbados

An Active holiday in Barbados full of yoga, jogging and water sports! Cheap package holidays to Barbados come weighed down with a few clichés, mostly related to lounging on beaches and sipping rum punches. Tell a friend you are going on holiday to the Caribbean island and you’re likely to provoke rolls of the eyes and comments […]

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Lunch2U – Healthy Eating

Recently we decided to order our lunch form Lunch2U, as we lounging by the pool and couldn’t be asked to go out to buy lunch. Alex is also a good friend and when she told us of her new venture, we were eager to check it out for ourselves. Alexandra Prabaharan whom we’ve known since […]

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My 3 Favorite Healthy Foods

What are your favourite health foods? Do you have any foods that you really like, and have continued to eat, eventhough people have told you that it’s bad? I do. Eggs have received some negative reports over the years, but I am happy to say that I NEVER stopped believing in them or eating them! […]

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