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Skechers Go Run LA 2017 !

And so the countdown begins..


T minus 5 days!






Am I excited..? Hell yeah!


Can’t wait to meet international runners from all over the world… some of whom have become Instagram friends over the past few months.

Here’s the route for the LA Marathon .. the scenic Stadium to the Sea route!


Anyway, it’s been a challenging few months preparation for this marathon, starting 3 months post partum, and still nursing my baby girl to date, but I’ve really enjoyed the journey. I might not be as strong as I used to be, but I know mentally, I am stronger than I ever was before. After all, to nurture a life, and to train at the same time is an awesome achievement for any person..  and to all women out there, take heart, it can be done. No one said it would be easy but with careful planning, you CAN nurse and train for a 42KM route, at the same time. Basically training revolved around my baby, and running closer to home. I found a great running group just up the road form my house, and thanks to them I managed to get my weekly mileage done. My hubby was also instrumental in whipping my core back in shape. He would bring the baby down to the gym to motivate me as I tried to do all my leg raises and core workouts. The old adage, “No pain no gain” or even “What don’t kill you only make you stronger” could not have rung truer, as I was trying to get through those jump rope routines and leg lifts. Doubly hard as I had Luca through Cesarean and this training started as soon as I got the green light from my doc to start exercising again. Initally I couldn’t even feel my core, let alone activate it. There were days I felt like giving up. Then somewhere along the line, things started to fall in place again. I started to feel like my old self once more. I don’t know how this race will pan out, but I will give it my best shot. Here’s to the future.. and to many more races to come.

Last week I was in Japan, and managed to do a lovely 10KM taper run around Lake Kawaguchiko… I felt like the most blessed person on earth to witness Mt Fuji in its full glory.. God gave me legs and a strong heart, and I will keep plodding along till they can run no more, for sure. But till then.. live life to the fullest!


So for this coming LA trip, follow my journey on Instagram (@CIKIPEDIA), Twitter via Hashtag #GoRunLA #ShapeMalaysiaLAMei #SkechersMY . Let’s have a blast.


Peace Out.






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