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Once upon a time, I only ever wore, Nike gym apparel.   Then I found Lululemon. The style, the fit.. the snazzy colors. It’s just so me. Unfortunately, the closest Lululemon store to us here in Kuala Lumpur, would be, Hong Kong or Australia. What a bummer. A while back I tried ordering them on the […]

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7 Foods that Can Keep you Looking Young

Have you ever wondered why your face looks older when you are down and depressed or stressed, but it immediately looks 10 years younger when you are happy and on holiday? Well, we cannot always have the ideal life, and many of us juggle our careers, kids and what have you. The good news is […]

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As we work out, we work on it..

Yo friends! This is my new blog on what I do best – keeping fit and looking young. I am a 30-something Pharmacist, (pushing 40!), who looks 20-something. Well, people say I look young for my age and I am inclined to agree. It’s not rocket science, but eating healthy, exercising and taking the right […]

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