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Creating a Life.

I’ve always been a bit of a fitness freak. I live, eat, breathe the shit! Friends who know me know I work hard to stay in shape so when my body transformed over my pregnancy, I had to learn to accept it.


But then I realised that fitness and health is not about how you look, but doing and eating your best, for the baby.

Pregnancy changes everything.

Do I still have days where I miss my flat, hard, belly? Yes. Do I miss the rush of lifting heavy and putting in full effort during workouts? Yes.

These days, my goals have had to shift down a few gears (especially since I am an adrenaline junkie), to include my new reality. Fitness, working out, training, has now become more about taking care of my body rather than changing it. I get my heart rate up, and workout to be strong and resilient for labor, birth, recovery, and motherhood. I don’t concern myself with the aesthetic effects of my training anymore.

Balanced, sound nutrition coupled with adapted workout routine has been key to nurturing this miracle growing inside me.

A friend said to me ” your core, is producing a life”. Then it dawned on me, that everything I ever did to prepare my body’s fitness etc. for has culminated in this one perfect experience.

To create life.

Yes indeed, pregnancy has taught me so much about what being healthy is.

Passing the halfway mark now, and loving it! Embracing 3rd trimester with great gusto!


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