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5 Ways to Trick your Kids to Eat

The latest curve ball Luca has thrown at us, is refusing to eat.

She used to be an easy baby to feed – 20 minutes tops to finish lunch or dinner.


But one fine day she decided to stop opening her mouth for food.

I guess it’s because our baby is growing up and with it comes a more developed sense of taste.

Yup she is no fool. She likes variety in her diet now, and there’s no short cuts

Here’s 5 Ways to trick your fussy toddler to eat.

1. Hide the unpalatable, behind food they like

Spinach(does not like) is hidden in mashed potatoes (likes)

Carrots(does not like) are hidden in sweet potatoes(likes)

2. Look for alternatives

Recently, our child went off bananas for breakfast. So we had to search for alternatives. We found out she loves kiwi, and dragon fruit. We noticed that after a while, she comes back to bananas, so keep varying the food. We soon learned that she likes pasta instead of porridge so, basil leaves, parmesan pasta is one of her favourites now.


3. Smorgasbord dining

Toddlers might be little in stature but they like to be included in adult activities, including dining. So instead of feeding them separately, let them sit at the table (in their baby chair) and lay out the foods before them – carrot sticks, cucumbers, egg, chicken slices (Luca already has teeth and has been eating protein for quite some time now) etc whatever, and let them eat as part of the family. They will learn to feed themselves faster this way too.

4. Make it fun 

Mango popsicles, chiaseed biscuits, animal shaped vegetables can help your child eat the food group they do not normally like.


5. Distraction

This is hard work but it works. Dad will feed as mum reads to the toddler and before you know it, she’s finished her meal. Colorful, big, animal pictures, and loads of dog photos is what our toddler likes. Go figure!



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