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Essential Oils for Men – Shutran

Every year is a struggle to figure out, what to buy my man for his birthday.

Most presents are usually met with an, “Oh, you bought this..”

Anyway this year and this month, I decided to get him something beneficial for him as well as for us!


Shutran for men, from Young Living.

It’s touted to be, an empowering essential oil blend specially formulated for men that boosts confidence – used as a cologne, whenever you’re out and about. To me, it just smells decidedly yummy on my man! I guess if you smell good to women, that in itself is a confidence booster, don’t you think?

Just add 2-4 drops to neck or wrists, as you would cologne.

It has a predominant fragrance of Idaho Blue spruce. More subtle tones of Ylang ylang, Coriander, Davana Flower oil, Hinoki, Ocotea, Lavender, Cedarwood, Lemon, and Northern Lights Black spruce leaf oil make it a delicious mix of EO’s for the man. Therapeutic grade essential oils are great for healthy skin support, so that’s an added bonus rather than the denatured alcohol that’s used in colognes and perfumes that dries skin out.

First time I didn’t have to think too hard about gifting something beneficial to my loved one!



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