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5 Ways to Eat Persimmon

5 Great Ways to Eat the wonder fruit, Persimmon..

I never used to like Persimmon, till my husband introduced me to some interesting ways of preparing them.

Persimmon is not only a tasty fruit, it is also a food that can clear heat, help lower blood pressure and brighten the complexion.

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Persimmons have been used by the Chinese in medication for the longest time. Persimmons are loaded with cold yin energy so if your body is too “heaty”  (for example, sore throat) this is the thing to take to help alleviate the symptoms. They are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins A, C, phosphorous, manganese, iodine and other elements. They are rich in fiber and calories. Applying fresh peel to your face can lighten and brighten the complexion. Apart from the fruit, drinking tea from stems and leaves can help relieve hiccoughs and coughing. Frequently drinking persimmon leaf tea can help lower blood pressure and treat hardening of the arteries.

Persimmon trees classified broadly into two general categories: those that bear “astringent fruit” (whilst unripe) and those that bear “non-astringent” fruits. An astringent cultivar, which is commonly cultivated in Japan known as “Hachiya,” is high in tannins and must be allowed to ripen fully until it attains jelly-soft consistency before fit to eat. A non-astringent persimmon, on the other hand, contains less tannin and can be eaten while it is crispy as in apples. Astringency can be removed by treating the fruit with carbon dioxide or alcohol.

Here are 5 Great Ways to Eat Persimmon:

1. In a salad

Toss the Persimmon with sliced red cabbage, romaine lettuce, pears, hazelnuts and gorgonzola cheese, and a drizzle of olive oil. Voila – perfectly tasty and perfectly healthy!

2. As a condiment or accompaniment

Try serving neatly diced Persimmon with salsa with grilled fish or chicken. It can also be made into a spicy chutney with apples and raisins and eaten with curries and rice.

3. Dried

You can buy this from any Chinese sundry shop. Dried persimmons, are a great snack but they can be loaded with sugar. So be careful of your intake.

4. In a drink

Check this out. Ever tried a persimmon margarita rimmed with cinnamon salt? It tastes divine! Or, if alcohol is not your thing, try the Korean persimmon tea.

5. In dessert

There are moist persimmon cookies, persimmon pear and walnut rolled tart or even persimmon pudding to experiment with. Recipes are available in cook books such as 101 Asian Recipes or websites such as this and this.

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