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Archive | February, 2015

5 Ways to Jump Start Your Metabolism !

How to boost your metabolism in 5 easy steps… 1. Jump start your Metabolism Instead of a steady walk on the treadmill, try burpees, boxing, jump rope to kick start your workout. You’ll burn fat more efficiently this way. In a short time, these simple but explosive old-school moves activate your upper-and lower-body muscles and quickly […]

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Magnesium Power!

Magnesium Power! Did you know that many of folks actually have low magnesium levels – a recent American nutritional study revealed. This mineral is pivotal in an athlete’s strength, endurance, and recovery. Shortage can lead to fatigue, irritability, and poor muscle performance. Men and women have different needs. The RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) of magnesium […]

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Preparing for Tokyo Marathon 2015

Preparing for the Tokyo Marathon 2015, has not been without sweat and tears. Kuala Lumpur is just so hot, that waking up at 5am to train has become part of our psyche. We hardly have the luxury of sleep around here. And not having a lot of routes to run (as compared with say Berlin […]

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