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Archive | July, 2013

Bringing Sexy back

Always wanted a sexy back, with no fat bits popping our spilling out over the sides of your bareback outfit? Well, help is on the way. Read on…   In terms of how to actually selecting the right exercises for your back, you’ll need to first understand how the upper back muscles function. The upper […]

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Algrave - Photo Credit : YXO

Getting fit in Algrave

Europe isn’t short of fantastic holiday destinations, but for those after some sunshine and escapism, Portugal’s Algarve takes some beating. This is the country’s premier holiday destination and it isn’t hard to see why. It boasts some outstanding beaches and picturesque towns, and there is plenty to keep people entertained. Whether consumers book package holidays […]

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Puerto Vallarta - Photo Credit: Harvey Barrison

How to find the perfect fitness retreat in Mexico

Mexico means many things to the imminent traveller, be it all inclusive cruise deals, tropical coastline, cactus-strewn plains, or the smell of chilli and lime cooking in urban city streets. But beneath its colourful image, Mexico is an immensely spiritual country, and not just because of its ancient monuments and beautiful colonial churches. An increasing number of […]

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Smoked Fish.. Good or Bad?

Ooo.. Chunks of delicious smoked haddock and herring… fat slivers of smoked Salmon. All rich in Omega3, yes. But, is the smoked component in these cold water fish, good or bad for me? Everybody knows that fatty fish from cold waters, are rich in omega3 and good for the heart.. but what if it arrives […]

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How to Reduce Stress in your Life

Is Stress getting you down and making your life a misery? Here are some practical tips on how to de-stress.. Remove the Causal Factor I know this is easier said than done. But if you are unhappy with your job, maybe it is time to ask yourself, why are you still there. Is the money […]

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How are you Coping with Stress?

A lot of people think and talk about stress as a bad thing. This is not necessarily true. Stress is actually your body’s natural response to dealing with difficult conditions and to galvanize you into action.Your body’s ‘fight or flight’ mode, is what kicks start things and your body’s stress response to what ever it […]

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