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Archive | August, 2012

Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease – Part 3

Right now, there’s no proven way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Research into prevention strategies is ongoing. The strongest evidence so far suggests that you may be able to lower your risk of Alzheimer’s disease by reducing your risk of heart disease. Many of the same factors that increase your risk of heart disease can also […]

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Working out in Pregnancy

Today’s interview is with Fitness Mum, Serena. She is a body pump instructor, and she is currently pregnant with number 2. Here is our interview with her, and her fitness routine, even in pregnancy. 1. How and when did you first get started in fitness? I wasn’t very active as a child. I only got […]

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Cikipedia’s Guestpost on Downtown Traveler

Hi awesome readers of Cikipedia! We were just featured on Downtown Traveler, a US based, online magazine for urban travelers who crave arts, culture and adventure.. and our guestpost was on Travel Health: 10 Tips to Stay Healthy and Fit While Traveling. We are happy for the opportunity to share some Cikipedia philosophy and to spread the fitness […]

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5 Fantastic Health Foods that don’t seem like Health Foods

In Asia, we are blessed with interesting condiments and spices. So many of our ingredients that spice up our food and lend flavour, are actually good for us. Here are five powerful health-enhancing foods, that don’t seem like health foods, but are terrific sources of minerals and antixoidants. However please note that it is very important to consult your physician […]

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