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10 Reasons Why Health and Travel Go Hand in Hand

How many times has the flu ruined a perfectly good holiday? Health and Travel go hand in hand, and it’s impossible to enjoy your holiday if you are suffering from bad health. Although you can never guarantee always being 100% and in top form, there are many ways to ensure you have a good holiday, yet always being cautious and safe. Taking care of your health on your travels means that when you get home, you will be able to bounce back into your daily routine quickly as well.


Here are 10 Reasons Why Health and Travel Go Hand in Hand..


Different continents have different prerequisites in terms of health and travel policies. Always check advice on health and travel in advance of your trip, in case you are visiting an area where shots are required. Certain Malaria risk countries will require you to take shots, and of course many vaccinations are a standard requirement. Also, be sure to get them done, with time to spare, before the date you fly off to that country. The vaccines need time to take effect. The most common travel vaccinations would be for Hepatitis A and B as well as the human papilloma virus (HPV) and Malaria.


Always bring a small first aid kit that contains anti-diarrhoea pills, anti-emetics, pain killers, fever pills and plasters and bandages. These things might not be readily available when you need them or, they may cost a bomb in a foreign land. Better safe than sorry – so bring your own.


Always have adequate travel insurance, and never conceal any illnesses you might have, as you might end up with a hefty bill in a foreign land, should you fall sick. If you travel to the US or Europe, you need to have adequate health insurance, but this is not the only country where medical treatment could prove expensive without a good travel policy, so always make sure you have proper coverage before travelling.


Staying fit whilst on holiday is something many people overlook. Late nights, binge drinking and partying on holiday will only wear your body down. It is not possible to forego all these enjoyments, true, but at least you can work off the toxins in the morning and go for a jog or run. Your body needs to heal from all that partying and debauchery!


If it is possible, practice early to bed, and early to rise. Otherwise, cat naps during the day, work well as well, to help your body heal and repair form all that heavy duty walking you do, on holiday.


In countries where you can get around by motorcycle, it is advisable to have a motorcycle license. Otherwise, opt to drive as going around on a motorcycle can be hazardous especially in countries notorious for dare-devil riders, such as Indonesia or Thailand. If you are taking part in adventure sports, make sure that you are covered on your travel insurance and that the organisers and instructors are trained and experienced.


This health and travel issue is one that is more important in certain countries than others. You could get very sick from the tap water in India or certain street foods in China. Be sure to eat at reputable restaurants (don’t eat strange looking, unheated streetside food) and make sure you drink bottled water at all times. Even these practices might not spare you from the runs, but at least it minimizes the chances.


Don’t ever bring new shoes on holiday. Only nice, comfortable, broken-in ones. These will save your poor feet from blisters as you will be undoubtedly walking for miles sightseeing and shopping.


Sometimes, a planned holiday coincides with a pregnancy and as long as you are fit and below 6 months pregnant, you are normally allowed to fly. To avoid potential problems, check with your doctor before booking and make sure that your travel or medical policy covers pregnancy while travelling.


When in doubt, abstain. But if you cannot – then please practice safe sex and use a condom. Isn’t it just good practice and common sense afterall?


Health and travel go hand in hand and many of these practical steps are not hard to do. Ensuring good health on your travels will save you tears later on. Take our health and travel advice. You won’t regret it!


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