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10 Mindsets to Fitness

People often ask me, what is my midset to fitness.

What constitutes a fit person? You see them every where. Working out at the gym, running around the park, jogging in your neighbourhood. You see them in the supermarket filling their shopping cart with only ‘health’ foods. What is the secret mindset of the “superfit”? What is their mindset to fitness? They look like a different bread of people. Not even human. Well, in all reality, the mindset to fitness is often simple and uncomplicated.

Let me share mine with you.



My 10 Mindsets to Fitness are:

1. Fitness is not work, fitness is a way of life

Loving something you do always makes things easier. But we don’t always love exercise. Having been exercising for more than a decade now, fitness has become a way of life for me. Miss working out and it feels like I missed a meal, or missed a shower. It’s that ingrained in my soul.

2. Never skip workouts

Take your workouts seriously. Just like a work appointment, a meeting with your boss or client. Chalk it down and stick to it.

3. Rest as much as your workout

Rest days and sleep are as essential as the workouts themselves. Rest hard and workout hard. That’s the way to optimize your time and get the most out of your body.

4. Eat purposefully

Protein for muscles, carbs for energy, and produce for vitamins,minerals and antioxidants. Once a week, you can have a cheat day and have that huge-ass burger and fries, but after that, it’s back to eating healthy again.

5. Tune Out when you Work Out

Focus. If you mind is cluttered with thoughts of work and going home to errands, you will not be focused on getting the max out of your body. Being in tune with your body allows you to tweak your work out to suit your current state. If you need to focus on strength and endurance so be it. Sometimes it’s cardio and sometimes it’s body conditioning.

6. Never Give Up

Everyone struggles with busy lives, stress, plateaus, fatigue, and frustration, including me. But there’s isn’t a thought of giving up, it’s just a matter of finding a way to get around these setbacks. Keep going – when you feel your fitness level go up a notch, it’s worth it!

7. Use your Flaws

Use your flaws to galvanise you to work out. Hate your butt? Keep up the squats so you can fit into your size 6 jeans. Think you have thunder thighs? Stil with kick boxing and martial arts to tone up those legs!

8. Envision the End Result

The thought of having a perfectly sculpted body, and stamina that will not quit, is the prize at the finish line. The means to that end, is exercise. No one said it would be easy. Regardless of life’s pressures, keep racing towards the finish line.

9. Persistence

When in doubt, refer to point 8

10. No excuse – Do not Quit

Excuses are for whiners. If you have time to eat and sleep, you have time to exercise. If you cannot find time, wake up and hour earlier. I guarantee you will find time for that 1 hour workout if you do!




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