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Some Tricks to Help with Overeating over the Holiday Season

I just read in a journal that you should try feeding yourself with your less dominant hand. This will in the long run discourage overeating. Because using your left hand does not come naturally, chances are you’d give up before you can eat too much?

What do you think?  Have you tried it?

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Anyway, here are some tricks to help with reducing overeating, if you’ve had one turkey too many!


1. Eat in Reverse

And I don’t mean desserts OK. I mean Eat your fruits and vegetables first. Line your stomach with fibre and chances are the feeling of satiety will reduce your urge to over eat

2. Have a soup

After the fruits and salad, go for a light, clear soup as opposed to creamy soups. This is another technique to trick your stomach into thinking it’s full faster

3. Eat your food on smaller plates

Don’t ever eat food out of a bag as you won’t know when to stop. If you must take out the portion you want and stick to that. At dinner parties, use the smaller plates to fill your food with. The bigger the plate, the more food you take, the more wastage and overeating.

4. Don’t eat with the TV on.

While you’re eating, focus on your food and the conversation around the table.

5. At parties skip desserts.

I don’t need to tell you that desserts have way too much sugar and unwanted calories.

6. Skip dressings on salads.

Learn to eat fresh whole vegetables and fruits! You really don’t need to drench God’s great wonderful plants with sickly sweet, or salty or fatty sauces.

7. Keep the serving dishes in the kitchen, not on the table.

Make it a point to walk for your seconds. But an easier option would be, don’t have seconds at all. Fill your plate, and once you’re done. that’s it.




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