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Sexy Salad Days!

Do you ever reminisce back to the days in high school, were you were an energetic, nubile 110 pound hottie, who got all the stares when walking down the street?

Now, 2 kids along , you’re tipping the scales at 159 pounds, and heading north. Many of your conversations are about slimming centers, and weight management plans that fail to work for you.You joke with your friends that you are looking for the Eat More,Weigh Less diet.


Have no fear.. there is hope yet! And by that.. I mean, for all of us.

It’s called the low-energy-dense foods meal plan or the calorie-in, calorie-out diet. Foods with a lower energy density, such as lettuce, provide fewer calories than foods such as french fries. But who wants to substitute lettuce for french fries? At the end of a meal you want to feel satisfied and not heading for the fridge for a midnight snack. Here’s how it works: satiety, that feeling of fullness and satisfaction, can be achieved by starting the meal with a low-energy-dense salad with lots of lettuce, veggies, and low-calorie dressing.

A number of studies have shown that eating lower-energy-dense meals can be effective in controlling hunger while reducing calories. Two studies illustrate the point. A study by Bell and colleagues found that adding extra vegetables to meals led to reduced calorie intake. Despite the reduced calorie intake, subjects reported themselves full and satisfied.

In a study by Duncan and associates over five days, subjects were provided with a reduced-fat diet with substantial amounts of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans. In another five-day session they were fed a diet with large amounts of high-fat meats and desserts. Satiety ratings were similar at the end of both sessions.

So, it’s little steps at a time, to get the end results you desire. Studies also show that by cutting a mere 500 kcals per day (reduce one unhealthy snack) you will soon see the inches melt away. So, instead of taking on crash diets e.g. 1000 – 1500 kcal cuts in a day, try something achievable and add healthy green, orange, red, purple vegetables to the mix. Full of phytochemicals and nutrients that will make you glow with health. Success is only a salad bowl away!

Welcome back to them Sexy Salad Days! 


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