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Getting Organic, with Kunyit Grocer

No time to shop and plan nutrition for the family?

This used to be one of my major concerns.. till Kunyit Grocer.


Kunyit Grocer will send organic vegetables and fruits (both imported and local) straight to your doorstep.. all you need to do, is order it. Majority of the items are organic.

So far, I’ve tried both of their bags, the Kunyit Wholesome and Vitamin Booster and both are good. Kunyit Wholesome bag consists of 7-8 organic/pesticide free vegetables and 2 types of fruits (organic and non organic). Non 0rganic items will be listed too so you will know which is which.


Vitamin Booster bag is a compliment bag to Kunyit Wholesome as it consists of 5-6 imported and local fruits (organic and non organic). They’ve got really yummy blueberries, apple custard and passionfruit.. our 9 month old loves the organic blueberries.


om nom nom…. ! Superfoods to fuel super active kids activities! 

apple custard  


Hubby and I love making drinks with the passionfruit. Other fruits include, Forelle Pears, Indian Mango, Green lemons. The vegetables are tasty and work well which Chinese cooking.

Orders can be placed via whatsapp 017-8898252 or Facebook Kunyit Grocer. Customization is possible but subject to availability. Vegetables are sourced from Titi Eco Farm, Cameron Organic Produce and other organic farms around Malaysia. Everything is packed in recycle bags. If your order from Kunyit Grocer on a regular basis you can actually pass back the bags to them for recycling.

Look out for the new lists of produce on their FB page, every Tuesday morning and orders will be closed by Wednesday afternoon. Goods are delivered from the farms to Kunyit Grocer on Friday and sent to customers on Friday afternoon onwards.

Price per bag is RM63 (trial bag) or RM235 (4 weekly bags). For the 4 weekly bags package, you don’t have to commit every week but you can skip some weeks. Price is the same for both Kunyit Wholesome and Vitamin Booster bags. Price includes delivery. Areas covered include Klang, Setia Alam, Subang, Puchong, Damansara, Kota Damansara, PJ and selected KL areas.

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