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Ditch the Protein Shakes!

Sick of drinking protein shakes.. ? How about some live food for a change?

If you’re really bored of the same of flavours of vanilla, chocolate, and fruit-flavored protein shakes, here’s a fun way to change it up.


Peanut butter, bananas & dark chocolate

To toasted whole grain brown bread, add low fat peanut butter and slice up some bananas. Sprinkle generously with chunks of dark chocolate. This pick me upper and pre-work out snack is insanely delicious and gives you the protein, potassium and minerals fix you need for the day’s workout. Not to mention the super beneficial antioxidant properties in cacao (dark chocolate).  (24gm of protein)


Buy plain low fat Yogurt and have it with blueberries or grapes, for an instant anti-oxidant fix as well as for a protein boost. I love this in the mornings as it really gets your bowels going as well. You can also try adding strawberries, walnuts or hemp seeds for variety. (26gm of protein)

Peanut butter and Green Apples

Incredibly simple, easy to make, yet tasty – just slice up your green apples and slather them in low fat peanut butter. Vitamin C and protein fix in an instant!  (19gm of protein)

Cheese and Crackers

Lightly salted cheddar cheese (low fat of course) with whole-grain crackers does the trick too! (20 gm of protein)

Walnuts and Dried Cranberries

Walnuts are rich in Protein, Vitamin A, C, D, B6, B12, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron .. and they are also great for helping to reduce PMS symptoms. Adding the high antioxidants cranberries not only enhances the taste with sweetness but it also makes this a super nutritional snack! (15gm of protein)


Eggs are the perfect protein snack. Two hard boiled eggs seasoned lightly with himalayan sea salt  and some pepper, and you’re good to go. (18gm of protein)
Almond Butter/Celery Combo

1 cup low-fat chocolate milk plus celery dipped in 2 tablespoons almond butter. If you like milk, this is the one for you! (13gm of protein)

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