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How much Protein is Enough?

Did you know, that your protein needs are actually not determined by your sex (ie. male need more v.s. female), but rather on your mass the amount you exercise, your lifestyle and your life goals. Are you happy with an average body, or do you want to look like Jessica Alba on the cover of […]

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Ditch the Protein Shakes!

Sick of drinking protein shakes.. ? How about some live food for a change? If you’re really bored of the same of flavours of vanilla, chocolate, and fruit-flavored protein shakes, here’s a fun way to change it up. Peanut butter, bananas & dark chocolate To toasted whole grain brown bread, add low fat peanut butter and […]

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10 Ways To Add Protein To Your Smoothies

The word protein was coined by a Dutch chemist and comes from the Greek word protos, meaning “of prime importance. This Chemist discovered that proteins are a major component of all plant and animal tissues, second only to water.They are vital for health and play an integral role in every living cell. Our bodies constantly assemble, break […]

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10 Proteins for Muscle Building

The human body contains thousands of different proteins, each with a specific function determined by its unique shape. Some act as enzymes, speeding up chemical reactions. Others act as hormones, which are a kind of chemical messenger. Antibodies made of protein protect us from foreign substances. Proteins maintain fluid balance by pumping molecules across cell […]

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In Defense of Eggs

After years relegated to the do-not-eat list for fear of cholesterol-raising effects, the humble egg was finally making its way back into mainstream acceptance as a heart-healthy food full of healthy fats and protein. While it is true that eggs are high in cholesterol, and a diet high in cholesterol can contribute to high blood […]

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