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10 Ways To Add Protein To Your Smoothies

The word protein was coined by a Dutch chemist and comes from the Greek word protos, meaning “of prime importance. This Chemist discovered that proteins are a major component of all plant and animal tissues, second only to water.They are vital for health and play an integral role in every living cell. Our bodies constantly assemble, break down, and use proteins, so we count on our diet to provide enough protein each day to replace what is being used.

Most people associate protein with animal foods such as beef, chicken, fish, or milk. However, plant foods such as dried beans and peas, grains, nuts, seeds, and vegetables also provide protein. Many protein-rich plant foods are also rich in vitamins and minerals. There are many ways of adding a non-animal source of protein to your diet, the easiest being, to your morning smoothie.

Here are 10 Ways To Add Protein To Your Smoothies Without Using Chemical Powders, or fake additives. Healthy, yet super tasty too! 🙂


1. Walnuts

Walnuts can balance to female hormones and reduce PMS effects. One-fourth cup of walnuts will add about 4.5 grams of protein to your smoothie, not to mention ample doses of heart-healthy potassium and energy-boosting magnesium.

2. Cacao Nibs

Cacao nibs have 4 grams of protein in every ounce, and they give you a nice buzz too. It’s kind of like having a coffee and a smoothie in one!

3. Raw Egg

Don’t squirm. Add this to a fruity smoothy and you won’t notice it at all. Heck if it’s good enough for Rocky, it’s good enough for me! One of these raw beauties brings 6 grams of protein to your silky smooth textured smoothie!

4. Soy Milk

For those who are lactose intolerant (such as I am), there’s soy milk! Roughly contributing 7g of protein per table spoonful, this is a logical choice for me, I think.

5. Pumpkin Seeds

If you are the chronic insomniac and have trouble unwinding, add pumpkin seeds to your smoothie. They are full of tryptophan, the sleep-inducing amino acid. They contribute 3g/tbsp, plus are loaded with magnesium, zinc & omega-3s.

6. Chia Seeds

This is a no-brainer. Read all about these wonder ancient grains here. Full of fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, and about 4 grams of protein per tablespoon, chia seeds are an easy way to add protein to your diet.

7. Sunflower Seeds

With 1.5g of protein/tbsp, sunflower seeds are a good source of copper (for glowing skin and hair), Vitamin E (for good blood circulation), and folate (important for prenatal health).

8. Quinoa

One cup of cooked quinoa has a whooping 8 grams, and all nine essential amino acids, plus magnesium, fiber, and iron.

9. Almond Butter

A tablespoon of almond butter will add 2 grams of protein.

10. Seaweed

You eat them in your sushi rolls (Nori seaweed) but did you know you can add them to your smoothies for added protein? Try it!


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