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Breastfeeding till I was nearly blind!

If someone tells you they breastfed till they went (almost) blind, they might not be exaggerating.

Because I for one, nearly lost my eyesight – I kid you not.


This happened as I was driving along the duke highway at 11a.m. in bright daylight, and I could not read the huge letterings on the big signboards. I’m not talking about small print either – this were the massive signage on the main highway. When I got to the pharmacy and I was trying to read the labels on the bottles I couldn’t even make out the words. Panic was setting in and I was getting really worried. These episodes were usually after a particularly intensive breastfeeding session over the course of the night. This phenomenon didn’t seem to be improving with time either.

Worried my eyesight was in critically bad shape and deteriorating exponentially, I went to see an Eye Surgeon. She told me it was probably old age. Well I wasn’t convinced but I accepted what she said.

Now 1 year later and baby is more or less weaned off the boob, and I decided to go get my eyes checked. Guess what the results were? Perfect eyesight with just a power of 50, long sightedness in one eye.

Well, I was right after all. My theory was that breast-feeding somehow increased water retention and changed the curve of my cornea, resulting in blurred vision. Luckily enough this was reversible and now my eyesight is more or less back to normal. So the next time someone says they breastfed till they were nearly blind, don’t scoff at it. They’re probably telling the truth. True Story!



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