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7 Ways The Wrong Clothes can Damage your Health

Are you a fashion victim? Do you just HAVE to HAVE those 5 inch platform pumps because they look so great on Victoria Beckham in Hello Magazine? Must you have Rihanna’s tighter-than-second-skin-latex-pants because she looks so skinny and hot in them? I know I am guilty sometimes of wearing clothes that can potentially damage my health, in the long run. A lot of the time, we just grin and bear it and suck it in. But if I told you that wearing clothes that are damaging to your health will eventually cripple you, would you still do it?

Here are 7 Items in your Wardrobe that could potentially damage your health.. 

stiletto’s .. a walking time-bomb..  photo credit – Andy Julia


High heel shoe puts your foot in a plantarflexed (foot pointed downward) position, placing an increased amount of pressure on your forefoot. This causes you to adjust the rest of your body to maintain your balance. The lower part of your body leans forward and to compensate for that, the upper part of your body must lean back to keep you balanced. This is not your body’s normal standing position. Lower backache is a common problem that arises from wearing stiletto’s as your body’s centre of gravity is thrust forward. Osteoarthritis can also be caused by high heels because the soft tissue overcompensates when under strain. Try alternating between flats and high heels – even your back needs a break.


There is a nerve that runs through the groin called the femoral cutaneous nerve, and with tight jeans, it can become numb down the thighs and into the buttocks when you wear them too long. This is due to nerve compression just like how you would step on a garden hose. What you will feel is a tingling sensation and this is something you get even in patients with diabetes, obesity, pregnancy and prolonged standing or walking – as this is all caused by the same nerve pressure. And, if you add a pair of stiletto heels to the skinny jeans, then that pushes the pelvis forward, causing even more pressure on the nerve. If you can bring yourself to stop wearing skinny jeans, opt for leggings as a thinner, more flexible alternative instead.


Celebrities and every day people alike, have been squeezing into slimming, tight clothing for centuries.  Whether it was corsets in the Victorian Age or skinny jeans in modern times, the fashion to be thin has been unsurpassed.  Sometimes these styles fit people well, and other times…not so well.  For those individuals who need to lie down on their bed or use a hanger to zip up their pants, it might be time to rethink your fashion choice. Some of the ailments you can suffer from should you choose to keep wearing ill fitting, tight clothes, are , tingling thigh syndrome (as discussed above in point 2), yeast infections, back pain, fainting, acid reflux/heartburn, abdominal pain, headaches and blurred vision. By all means wear a little black dress.. but one that fits.


Some cheap detergents may cause skin irritations or eczema. Don’t skimp on suds – make sure you buy reputable brands. Stay away from enzyme detergents if you have particularly sensitive skin. Some detergents are heavily perfumed, have colourants and optical brighteners, which do not make clothes cleaner but create a ‘blue-white’ optical illusion. These substances biodegrade poorly and are associated with allergic reactions and skin and eye irritation. Change brands until you find one that doesn´t cause a problem, and if you can, identify what is causing the irritation.


Some people are just more accident prone than others. If you are prone to falling over, bumping your knee, spraining your arm or hurting your upper back when peeling off a particularly tight top, please kindly refer to point 3. i.e. starting wearing clothes which fit and are a little less tight, or clothes with elastic which facilitate an easier change. Try sitting down when changing – at least you reduce the chance of toppling over.


When putting on fresh, dry cleaned clothes, have you ever noticed a weird sweet odor? It is not enough to bother many people, and most become accustomed to the smell after just a few minutes. However, this smell is a toxic chemical gas (perchloroethylene) – and the clothing you are wearing lies on your skin, an organ that readily absorbs substances in close proximity. Dry cleaners try to remove the perchloroethylene during the dry-cleaning process so they can save money by re-using it. They remove it further during the pressing and finishing processes. However, some dry cleaners do not remove as much perchloroethylene as possible all of the time. If dry-cleaned goods have a strong chemical odor when you pick them up, do not accept them until they have been properly dried, and consider using a different dry-cleaner.


Oh, please don’t tell me that that gorgeous Hermès is bad for me! I love that bag! Honestly, bags that are too heavy can place a strain on your back, and now a days with fashion being pro-oversized carriers, the tendency is to overload your bags with stuff. Not only are heavy bags bad for your health, they are also bad for your posture. If you are right handed, you will notice that carrying your bag on the right side all the time, will eventually lead to a stoop in your posture towards the right. Since we ladies cannot totally give up on designer bags, a practical alternative is to switch sides 50% of the time to even out the weight (left and right shoulder) or, to swap over with smaller bags from time to time. Have you ever considered using your pockets and going without a handbag for an entire day (shock horror!). Try it.. it’s liberating..



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