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5 Nutritional Myths that will help you live a healthier life!

We live in great times!

I remember growing up, and my parents used to tell me the complete opposite of what science has discovered today. Well, it’s not their fault – they only passed on, what was passed on to them.

BUT now we know. Here are 5 massive myths to help you add nutritional value to your diet!


Myth 1: Cholesterol in eggs is bad for you

Cholesterol is an essential component of our cells, and important to fight stress, help with anti-inflammation, helps recovery in injury, and even exercise. Natural sources of cholesterol actually contribute to your body’s overall health. The egg itself, contains lecithin which helps breakdown most of the cholesterol present in the egg anyway.


Unfortunately eggs are normally deep-fried and are served for breakfast with a huge sides of greasy bacon, and sausages etc. Try instead for breakfast, half boiled or hard-boiled eggs with a dash of soy sauce. If you like your eggs fried, try shallow frying and very quickly with a couple of drops of grape seed oil.

Myth 2: Fat-free yogurt with fruits on the supermarket shelves is good for you

Not true. More often than not, the fruits in this sort of yogurt are sweetened to death and are not even fresh fruit in the first place.

greek gods plain
Better to opt for plain, no- sugar added, fat-free yogurt, and add your own fresh fruits, berries, or nuts!

Myth 3: Saturated fat causes heart disease

Actually, saturated fat in the form of animal meat was around long before the surge of heart disease in modern man. The caveman never suffered from heart disease, and they ate a heck of a lot of red meat!


Animal fat is good for you! 

During the time that heart disease has become prevalent in America, consumption of saturated fat from animal sources actually decreased, while consumption of trans-fatty acids and hydrogenated fats in the form of margarine, shortening, and refined oils increased. Also, intake of an insane amount of refined sugar! Coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, decrease in exercise levels, and feeding your body trans fats and sugars all the time – heart disease has become epidemic. You want to curb heart disease? Start exercising and stop eating junk food and sweet stuff.

Myth 4: Drinking diet soda and using artificial sweeteners makes you slim

Artificial sweeteners actually stimulate your brain to crave sugar. However, with no ‘real sugar’ around, the body is not satisfied and the appetite powerfully craves real calories.

Not only do artificial sweeteners actually *increase* your appetite in this manner after consumption, but they often are accompanied by many of the acids and chemicals in soda that can cause intestinal distress, and even brain and nervous system damage. Not good. A better option would be herb sweeteners, fruit, or natural, raw sugar.

Myth 5: You should never eat before bed.

Rubbish! I am one of those who wakes up in the middle of the night hungry and unable to go back to sleep, if I am hungry.

You need to get sufficient nutrients into your stomach in the first place, at dinner time. Otherwise you can get hypoglycemic during the night, which can disrupt sleep patterns, growth hormones, and the immune system, causing them to wake up grumpy, hungry, starved, and in maximum fat-storage mode. Try almonds, walnuts, avocado, cheese or chicken sandwiches for snacks.

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2 Responses to 5 Nutritional Myths that will help you live a healthier life!

  1. Steven alex June 18, 2015 at 1:44 pm #

    Such great tips which we do not even notice in our daily life. That’s the best way to suit ourselves in our daily work schedule.

    • ciki June 21, 2015 at 5:37 pm #

      Yes, totally agree! We can always make time, even with hectic schedules~!

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