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Archive | April, 2015

Butt Blasters while on the Go

The life of a travel blogger is hard. One hardly has time to work out especially while on the move. Here’s one quick butt workout I like to do when I don’t have much time. Or space. I like to call them, my Butt Blasters. If you can do these for 20 minutes, every other […]

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5 minute Ab workout!

No time on your hands this week to work out..? Here’s the 5 minute Ab workout, which takes no time at all, but will give you excellent results! Alternating Superman Plank: Get in the plank position. Keep your core tight. Raise your right arm and left leg so they are parallel to the ground. This […]

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Why Whole Grains are Not the Enemy!

It always surprises me, what bad flak whole grains get… discouraging folks to ingest gluten like it’s radioactive crap.. especially if you happen to NOT be gluten intolerant. I mean, do folks actually know what amazing nutrition they are cutting from their diet, if they omit whole grains? Just because it is a hot trend […]

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Abs Shredder! The Knee Up Twist

This morning’s run on Kiara hill, followed by this Abs shredder called the Knee Up Twist.. It’s great for your core too. Enjoy! 1. Set up in full plank position with your hands underneath your shoulders and legs long. Pull your right knee in to your nose (make sure you pull your abdominals up and […]

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Type 3 Diabetes..

Type 3 Diabetes., it is a scary thought, but scientists have already coined this term for us. You might have only heard of 1 and 2, but now, type 3 is the name given to Alzheimer’s Disease and insulin resistance. Read here about how Alzheimer’s disease might come about. The University of Pennsylvania’s study, shows that […]

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