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Archive | September, 2012


Why I suck at Zumba

Why I suck at Zumba.. but still do it! The reasons why I suck at Zumba, are many. But they can be narrowed down to these basic three.  1. I can’t do that hot Latina booty-shaking thing! But I am SURE it’s fun for people to watch me try 😛 Zumba requires a lot of moving […]

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Skip the Boredom, thanks

So the other day we talked about muscle memory, and how to shake it. Here’s one great cardio workout to try and it ain’t easy as you really need to be coordinated to do this at high speed.   I’m talking about skipping, of course. Remember how you use to do it as a kid? […]

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Muscle Memory or Muscle Confusion?

If you walk into the gym, you will inevitably see, the same people, working out on the same machines. The same ladies going for the same fitness classes. If you ask them, why don’t you use the rowing machine instead, or go for a dance class – they will say, oh, I am not good […]

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Why you should eat Mangos

A mango a day keeps the doctor away! When we travel in South East Asia, hubby will always wander into the day market and buy us a couple of mangos for breakfast. He likes to wash and peel them on the spot and we can actually eat it while walking around. This is a great […]

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Running Barefoot – Less Injuries?

I just read the book, “Born to Run” and felt inspired to blog about running, the hazards of running with or without shoes, and the implications for runners all over the world. “Isolated by Mexico’s deadly Copper Canyons, the blissful Tarahumara Indians have honed the ability to run hundreds of miles without rest or injury. […]

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Heard of Quercetin?

Food fascinates me. And the way food works on the body, whether good or bad, depends on what sort of food you allow into your system. One of the buzz words that I want to talk about, is quercetin. Quercetin are flavonoids that give many fruits, flowers, and vegetables their color. Flavonoids scavenge damaging particles […]

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