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Top 6 Diet trends that you should know about

So, here are the Top 6 Diet trends we see in our neighbourhood… do you agree with us? 

gluten free bagels

gluten free bagels


1. Fresh is in. Low carbs and low fats are out.

This means eating, healthy, unprocessed meats, or vegetables, fresh from the farm (if possible) with no added, salt, sugar nor preservatives. Just picture yourself on a farm, and what you would eat if everything was planted and raised at your doorstep! Even if the meat is fatty, so long as it is unprocessed and has no preservatives added to it, that’s fine. Happy news for us meat eaters! To take things one step further, eating raw is even better. Eating raw is based on trying to get the majority of your calories from unprocessed and uncooked foods because the belief is that eating anything cooked at 116°–118° F will destroy enzymes that provide many health benefits. The raw food diet is rich in all plant-based foods including fruits and vegetables; nuts and seeds; and sprouted seeds, grains, and beans.

2. Cleansing is in.

Cleansing is becoming all the rage, as folks take to drinking a concoction of squeezed lemons, maple syrup, apple cider vinegar and what have you, in order to purge the system of toxins. This could mean downing a herbal laxative tea at night and a quart of salt water first thing in the morning, or going on a one week liquid fast. Whether or not this works is debatable, but some folks swear by how good they feel and how loose their pants are by the end of the detox week!

3. Picking your calories.

As folks get smarter, they will pick which calories they want to get large on! Seriously, of you’re going to bulk up, then make sure it’s on good quality, grass fed protein, complex carbs and fibre. Throw way the processed sugars because that’s just a waste of space!

4. Gluten free is in.

Gluten is a huge culprit for disorders such as bloating, abdominal discomfort or pain,constipation and diarrhea, and might present extraintestinal symptoms including muscular disturbances and bone or joint pain. Why then is gluten so popular? Because it gives elasticity to dough helping it to rise and to keep its shape. It is commonly occurring in barley and rye and processed foods. Since people who are gluten intolerant will have a reaction which can causes damage to their small intestine, this means that they might end up having an impaired ability to absorbs the good nutrients. This will in turn cause vitamin deficiencies. This year, more and more high quality, gluten free products on the supermarket shelves would mean more people opting to switch to gluten free.

5. Eat a ton of fruit and veges daily.

The Sunday visit to the fruit bazaar (pasar malam) is a must to stock up for the week. In my family, my hubby does the shopping and he buys a ton of veges and fruits for the week. Folks know that the sugars in fruits, are nothing to worry about, vs the benefit of vitamins and minerals. Fruits should be at the top of everybody’s food chain!

6. People will choose the internet, social media or smart phone apps to help with their diet plan.

Gone are the days of waiting in line to see the physician and seeing what he has to say about your diet. Help is at your finger tips. Google it, or find an app that helps!

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