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Swimming of hot, toned legs!

Swimming of hot, toned legs..

People always ask me, why I’m so dark. I tell them I swim every weekend.

“Well, why do you spend so much time at the pool?”

Well, the pool is actually a great way to get an overall body workout, and the tan is a nice byproduct of this physical activity;)


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Also swimming gives you nice toned legs and butt as well..

Here is how you can add resistance to tone and shape your legs in the pool :

1. Use a Kickboard whilst swimming on your front or back to isolate your legs for a lower body work out. This is great for toning up legs, abs and the butt.

2. Use Fins to add resistance in the water. Fins help you kick faster which is great for motivating your workout and taking away movement in the arms makes the workout harder for your legs.

P1060532-0013. Do leg lifts to tone your legs while holding on to the side of the pool. Find a comfortable spot along the side of the pool, where your body can rest on the ledge and your arms hold on to the side to support. Your legs should be out straight in front of you, in the water, but unsupported. Lift each leg up in front of you ten times while keeping your upper body held up straight and then alternate between each leg lifting it out to the corresponding side in the same manner. For a challenge, lift both legs at the same time – this is great for your abs too! Flip over to work more of the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.

4. You need a shallow pool for this, or at least an even depth. Try water walking or running to really work your legs, and rev up your heartbeat at the same time. You will be surprised how hard it is to push against the resistance of the water. You’ll be sweating in no time, but in the water, no one will notice;)

5. Use an Aqua Belt when swimming or aqua jogging to increase the burn. Adding weights will increase the difficulty of your workout, but since you are buoyant, you will not wear out your joints as much as on a hard surface. This is the ultimate for getting hot, lean legs, and a tones butt as well.

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