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10 Great Benefits of the Tuberose

We recently had the pleasure of dining at a Thai restaurant, where they employed Tuberose bulb in their cooking. I was surprised because I normally consider tuberose, one of the most expensive natural flower materials, used in perfume and not in cooking. This particular species is in fact, related to Narcissus and Jonquil, and a […]

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5 Reasons to Take Spirulina

Spirulina might not look terribly appetizing. It is after all, a blue-green algae, and looks like it belongs in a damp, dark corner of an abandoned house. However, do not be deceived. This amazing algae contains protein, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids and antioxidants that can help protect cells from damage. It contains nutrients, including B complex […]

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Crazy about Cranberries!

Cranberries are great for you.. and you’d be right to think so! Instead of reaching for a bag of chips when you are hungry, try a handful of walnuts with some cranberries added to them, to add a nice tart, flavour. With just one Serving, i.e. 1 cup of whole cranberries you get a mere: […]

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Ditch the Protein Shakes!

Sick of drinking protein shakes.. ? How about some live food for a change? If you’re really bored of the same of flavours of vanilla, chocolate, and fruit-flavored protein shakes, here’s a fun way to change it up. Peanut butter, bananas & dark chocolate To toasted whole grain brown bread, add low fat peanut butter and […]

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Sexy Salad Days!

Do you ever reminisce back to the days in high school, were you were an energetic, nubile 110 pound hottie, who got all the stares when walking down the street? Now, 2 kids along , you’re tipping the scales at 159 pounds, and heading north. Many of your conversations are about slimming centers, and weight management […]

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Best Health Snacks for the Busy Woman

You’re dashing about from appointment to appointment. You glance at your watch, and suddenly it’s 3pm. Where did the time go, and why did u miss lunch? Here’s a sure fire way to make sure you get the nutrition you need, before the hectic day even begins. For the busy woman, here are my favourite […]

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